Film & Video

More TV channels, more multi-screen cinemas, YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo: blockbusters, commercials, online films, digital dramas and interactive YouTube videos have never been more popular.

But today, blockbuster filming no longer carries a blockbuster budget. Smaller cameras and smaller crews mean more great ideas can be delivered to bigger audience. We’ve shot from sunrise to sunset, leaped off cliffs, used the latest Civil Aviation approved drones, captured joy and heartache, made 10 films in a day and filmed on the other side of the world.

Our mission is to create the footage everyone wants to like, share or tweet.  Video streaming sites are loved by Google and feature prominently in the organic search listings, we therefore recommend using video to help elevate your search rankings and get you seen.

Our unique ‘Man and a cam‘ service is perfect for blog films, and for real time reaction to current news, market conditions or product news.

A cameraman, art director and editor all rolled into one, our man can arrive on location, interview and film a team member or guest speaker, return to base and post-edit the footage into a high quality mini video, complete with corporate branding, captions and title slides.  We can have a film posted on social media or your website within 24 hours. PR agencies love us, and clients often book us out on a monthly or even weekly basis.

See an example of a Shard Capital ‘blog’ video in our portfolio and please contact us if you wish to discuss. We offer fixed price competitive rates for this unique service.

We offer the following services:



Creative Concepts

Location Recces

Drone Filming

2D/3D Animation Videos

Actors & Voice-Overs


Some of our videos: