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Experian Credit Score Videos

Curve has created a series of ‘explainer’ videos for Experian in 2D animation. We started by creating a suite of graphics for the different factors affecting credit scores and these followed the new Experian brand guidelines, and existing assets that had been provided.

Based on a supplied script we created a storyboard showing visually how the assets would work together and animate alongside the script. Once this was signed off by the client our animators got to work.

In the meantime we asked a number of our voiceover artists that we have on our books, to each record a short demo which we then put in front of the client. The chosen VO artist was then approved to be the voice of Experian.

The animation and the voiceover was synched together with the sound effects and the music and below is the final version that is now on the Experian website and on their social media channels.

How is my Credit score calculated?

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    August, 2017




    Creative, Storyboard, Directing, Post Production

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