Data Strategy

It is not enough to have a beautiful email design and the compelling copy if it is not relevant to the person receiving the email. Therefore creating a data strategy should be high on the list of priorities when considering your email communications.

Complete and accurate customer and prospect data is a requirement for successful sales, marketing and business development activities. It can deliver a range of business benefits such as improved response rates, preserve brand image and maximise customer relationships.

Firstly we can work with you to identify how you can monetise your customer database and we jointly set out pragmatic business goals.

We help you gain a deeper insight into your customers’ buying attitudes, look for hidden cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, segment your customers, and target specific groups with personalised and strategic marketing messages.

Remember, not only is a relevant marketing message a highly effective sales tool, it is also increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. At the same time, you can reduce broadcast costs by avoiding ineffective marketing which in turn will lead to higher conversion rates overall.

We offer the following services:

Data Analytics Consulting

We can provide guidance on how to monetise your customer databases and grow these digital assets. We work with you to understand your business goals, create a data strategy plan on how to achieve them in a pragmatic and stages approach gaining the business benefits along the way.

Customer Insight Reporting

Gain deep insight into your customers, revealing hidden opportunities
Segment your customers and target specific groups with personalise marketing messages. Reduce costs by avoiding ineffective marketing and deliver higher conversion rates. Not only is a relevant marketing message a highly effective sales tool, it is also increases customers satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Single Customer View

Important information on your existing customers or clients is often held in more than one place. We can connect your information together, without the need for costly and time-consuming IT integration or manual effort delivering more efficient and effective marketing campaigns, higher return on investment and cross-selling and up-selling opportunities are easier to identify.

Customer Data Quality

Improve the quality of your existing customer data and enhance with new data to give a deeper understanding