Powerful, persuasive copy is an effective sales tool, but it can be difficult to write if you’re too close to your subject or you can’t give it the time it deserves.

We can provide copy for any aspect of your marketing – from blogs, infographics, newsletters, brochures, social media and, of course, new websites. And we can tailor what we do to suit your budget, from a quick edit of your existing content to researching and writing brand new copy for the launch of a website, brochure, or even a new product or service.

We can even help you identify an appropriate tone of voice for all your future content. Whether you want to generate sales, raise funds for a cause or communicate a complex issue, clearly-written, professional and relevant copy and content can really help.

Why invest in specialist web copywriting?

Because our attention span tends to be shorter (and our expectations higher) when we’re online, failing to engage your reader immediately could result in them searching elsewhere within moments of landing on your site.

So it’s all very well spending lots of time and money on beautiful designs or search tactics to drive people to your site, but if you fail to give the same attention to your content, you may well lose those hard-earned visitors before you’ve time to convert them to genuine leads.

At Curve, we’ll ensure web content meets your objectives with informative and engaging writing so that visitors are hooked from the moment they arrive, using techniques such as:

  • Teaser text that begs readers to click through
  • Headlines that catch a reader’s eye
  • Benefits highlighted upfront (before you lose their attention)
  • Shorter words and paragraphs that are easy to digest
  • Bulleted lists, like this one, that are easy to scan
  • Email subject lines that can’t be ignored
  • Powerful calls to action throughout
  • An appropriate tone of voice that gains trust

We can also help you get found online with well-written SEO copy. This service includes researching and writing engaging copy on the topics your prospects are searching for, using keywords and terms discreetly. Most importantly, we won’t let the correct density of key terms distract the reader or compromise readability.