September 18, 2017 Curve Admin

Financial services company vlogs

Following a Social Media review that we completed for our client Shard Capital in March 2017, it was decided that we would film and produce regular share portfolio and market blog films for them, for use across social media and also on the blog section of their website.

Video is so important these days not only for communicating a message but also a way of promoting you and your brand values through the tone of voice you use and the added value service.  On top of this video works well for social media and helps improve search engine rankings.

The videos are produced as a series of interviews where the guest speaker is asked a question about a fund, a portfolio or share, or more generally the specific market product.

We then edit the film adding captions and logos, and showing graphics where applicable.  The film is usually broadcast across social the following day after filming.

The videos are getting an excellent following and increasing footfall to the website.

You can see examples of the Shard films here.