August 8, 2012 Curve Admin

Why your business should be marketing online with video

The very latest industry research predicts that by 2014 that over 80% of all web traffic with be made through video. If you’re not using video to market your company, simply you’re missing out. 

Since Google bought Youtube back in 2009 the search engines mathematical equation for working out what results to show users has changed significantly. At the top of almost every search you make now you will see a link to a Youtube video. As youíre reading this article, take a moment to go over to Google and search on a keyword for your industry. If you donít see videos at the top, then you have the opportunity to own that space.

Many small or medium size businesses do not know where to start when trying to design an online video marketing campaign. The following paragraphs will hopefully give you a few ideas. A great and simple way of improving your brandís image is to introduce your customers to the background and history of your company via the medium of video. It has been proven that a companyís websites that includes in-depth information about the history of their brand will rank higher in the minds of users in terms of ìbrand valueî against a company’s website that does not.

A further idea for a video that will really enhance userís view of you business is to create a short FAQ video, focusing on answering some of the most common questions you get from customers and potential customers. Pointing them to a video can be a great way to save yourself some time whilst also offering value to customers.

Video can be great a way to demo your companyís products and services, showing a potential customer exactly what their experience would be like.

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