April 3, 2015 Curve Admin

Social media and the 2015 general election

Can social media affect this next general election?

Wonder why you hear more about politics on social media than you do on the TV or radio? That is because political advertising on TV and radio is banned in the UK.

Political parties are using the opportunity of social media to get their message out to a potential audience of millions.

Is this necessarily in the voters favour?
Social media has become the “modern age” form of communicating. It wasn’t that long ago we either had to wait for the next news broadcast, the next mornings newspaper or even a phone call from a friend.

Now as things happen around the world we know about it straight away.

Is this evolving form of communication going to help or hinder the general election?
In my experience I like to be kept informed of what is happening around me so I can then make my own informed choices given all the information available. Information is power. Like any form of news, there always needs to be an element of common sense. This is where I become concerned. There are many businesses who still do not understand the difference between ‘spam’ and genuine posts. Too much information or over kill of social media messages could turn individuals off and be annoyed by being inundated by messages constantly cropping up on their social media channels. Are politicians going to be able to manage their social media channels correctly, so as not to ‘spam’ their followers?

Used in the correct way social media really could help a political party share their manifesto. Keep information short and sweet, to the point. This will enable the votes to see a human side to the parties and politicians. It can also be used as an opportunity to ask questions.

All in all there is a fantastic opportunity for politicians of any colour to use social media to spread their message and influence voters…. The key is ‘less is more!’