February 19, 2013 Curve Admin

A very quick explanation as to how SEO works


In its simplest terms there are two main factors that contribute to your websites position in the search engine results page (SERPs).

  1. On page SEO this relates to all the code on your website and the way that it is structured. This includes, amongst several other factors; HTML heading tags, alt text, file names, URL structure, keyword density, internal link structure and use of bold and italic text. On page SEO amounts to around 30% of where you website ranks, the other 70% is dependent on the second factor; Off Page SEO.
  2. Off Page SEO/ Link Building this is all about how many links your website has from other websites. Every inbound link to your website can be classed as a ìvoteî in the giant popularity contest that is the internet. In short, the more links to your website from other websites the higher your site will rank in search results pages (SERPs).

However, not all links are equal. Having links from websites that are authoritative and related to your industry will help drive your website up the SERPs much more effectively than getting links from a non-related websites.

A SEO job requires in-depth keyword research and mapping before anything else in the process is started. After this is complete, all pages within the website need to be optimised in terms of copy, meta descriptions, rich snippets, file names, alt text, URL structure, schema tags, etc. for the selected keywords.

SEO is an on-going process that usually takes several months of continuous effort building links before any change in the search engine result pages is seen. Link building, as mentioned earlier, accounts for around 70% of a websites position in the SERPs.

When starting an SEO campaign with Curve a six month link building plan will be drawn up and includes;

  • Off-site content creation (which link back to your site). These could be blog articles, press releases, or social media updates – all are original and researched by our copy writers.
  • Link reinforcement – Placing published content in media outlets on the web is great, but these pieces need viral growth of their own. Link reinforcement means sending social signals to each content piece. As a result, it is more credible and Google’s algorithm places more value in the content piece.
  • Content publication – Our team partners with the top web publication sites and distributes your content for publishing. We carefully select sites that give you maximum visibility and draw in relevant traffic, improving the authority of your website in its space online.
  • Social bookmarking – we create and promote social bookmarks for each individual bit of your content on sites such as Reddit and Digg. Each social bookmark building another link to your link profile.
  • Sharing of your content on other blogs – Google interprets viral sharing an important ranking signal. We will place your new content in relevant blogs and set up direct links with rich anchor text to your site.
  • Over the course of 6 months we will build up hundreds of quality links to several pages within your website. It is important to spread the links over several pages rather than just linking to the homepage. More significantly, it is important to build links in what is seen as a natural fashion by Google and therefore it is best practise to build links gradually rather all in one day.
  • Every month we can supply you with an in-depth reports, explaining what has been done that month and how you are performing in the search engine result pages. You can also check your results 24/7 on our Curve Interactive SEO dashboard.