December 17, 2012 Curve Admin

New Research Shows SEO is the #1 Medium for Creating Leads


New Research Shows SEO is the #1 Channel for Driving Leads

The latest research from the ëState of Digital Marketingí survey shows that SEO continues to be the leading channel for driving new leads online. The survey concluded that digital marketers cite SEO as their top lead generating tool. In todayís blog, we will go over the key findings from the research report.

SEO Holds Top Spot

59% of B2B digital marketing companies surveyed said that search engine optimisation makes the biggest impact on their lead generation efforts. This is a 2% increase from last yearís 57% – showing that recent changes to Googleís search algorithm have not made an impact on SEOís ability to bring in traffic and leads to businessís websites. In fact, perhaps the 2% increase could be attributed to the algorithm update increasing the likelihood of targeted users finding the content they need and thus making SEO more effective in its ability to generate leads. SEO continues to hold the majority vote, being voted more effective than the combined totals of social media and pay per click (PPC) advertising.
Social media holds the runner-up spot for lead generation with 21% marketers saying social media is their most effective lead generation tool. The 3% jump from last year shows now more B2B marketers believe it is more effective than PPC advertising, which is now at 20% having dropped from 25% last year. Among the social networks available, LinkedIn holds the top spot for B2B marketing, rating 44% for generating leads. Facebook holds the second place at 39%, followed in third by Twitter at 30%.

Measuring True SEO ROI Is Still Difficult

While SEO is the most effective lead generation channel today, measuring its true ROI remains to be a challenge for majority of businesses. Only one-third of the survey participants measured SEO by looking at leads and sales figures, while 10% said they were not sure of what to measure.

Our way of measuring our SEO success looks at basic measurements like overall traffic, organic traffic, and keyword and phrase rankings alongside conversion rates. This gives a more accurate picture of where your SEO campaign stands.

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