November 2, 2012 Curve Admin

Kit Kat’s latest integrated marketing campaign

6 bars, 24 hours, £10,000, GPS, and a Helicopter!

The latest Kit Kat marketing campaign is fantastic. In fact, it is remarkable, and that is precisely why it has been such a great success. The remarkable aspect of the campaign is the not the giving away of £10,000 (how many times has that been done before?!), but the delivery of it to your home via a helicopter once you have discovered 1 of the 6 GPS enabled chocolate bars. What an incredible idea! The idea itself has driven people online to the Kit Kat Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up-to-date on how many bars are left to find and has sparked up numerous conversions online (like this one!).

With the nature of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, this campaign has increased the brands reach online dramatically. Today Kit Kat UK has 9,525,014 ëlikesí.

To make best use of this increased reach, Kit Kat has coincided the main contest with a secondary competition to increase the number of ílikesí its Facebook page has. It has done so by offering Kit Kat customers the chance to win £2,012 by typing in the code on the inside of their Kit Kat wrapper into a custom made Facebook application. Customers are only allowed to enter after they have ëlikedí the Kit Kat page. The entry to this competition is explained on the Kit Kat packaging.

Kit Kat Facebook application - Must Like first

The algorithm that works out which pages and posts appear in a Facebook users newsfeed is dependent on (amongst other things) the number of times that user has interacted with a page in the past and how recently someone has ëlikedí the page.

To take advantage of the fact that pages that have been recently ëlikedí appear very high in a fans newsfeed Kit Kat are making sure they post regular status updates and remarkable content to capture those fans attention. Kit Kat are posting images daily that encourage fans to comment or share their posts. The more engaged a fan of the Kit Kat page is the more likely future posts will continue appear in that userís newsfeed. Iíve listed a few good examples below;

Kitkat facebook post 2  chose a chunky to encourage sharing and comments copy

Kitkat facebook post 3 Halloween special to encourage sharing and comments copy

kit kat social media facebook marketing

All these example encourage users to interact with the brand online, thus increasing the likelihood of future messages appearing in those users newsfeeds.

Key learnings

I believe the most important aspect of this campaign is its ‘remarkability’. This campaign inherently creates buzz, encouraging people to share and talk about it with their friends. The incorporation of social media in this campaign has allowed this buzz to be amplified, reaching far more people than it would be possible without it.

Kit Kat have been clever to make sure that with this increased attention to capture as much customer data as possible. They have done this by making custom applications that allow quick and easy entry to a competition. Moreover, they are making sure that they encourage these new fans to interact with the brands page on a regular basis my uploading sharable content every day.

This forms the basis of a very impressive marketing campaign that will no doubt improve the brands perception, reach and influence.

By @hamit