March 22, 2017 Curve Admin

Content Marketing

Content plays a vital role in SEO.  If you get the structure of your website right, play by Google’s rules and deliver fresh content over time you will see dramatic increases to your online visibility.

Marketing is impossible without great content.  Content marketing should be considered as a strategy, not in isolation.  Quality and relevant content is integral in all forms of marketing:

  • Social media marketing – a content marketing strategy comes before your social media strategy.
  • SEO – search engines reward businesses that publish quality, consistent content.
  • PR – successful PR strategies address issues reader’s care about, not their business.
  • Video – Prime content for search engine optimisation.
  • Inbound marketing content is key to driving inbound traffic and leads.
  • Content strategy should form part of most content marketing strategies.

Content strategies do not work on an ad-hoc basis.  It is easier for larger businesses to have departments devoted to digital but never, has the marketing playing field been so accessible whatever your budget…

Above all distribution is key!!! There is no point having ‘quality content’ if no one sees it.   Ask yourself the following questions…

  1. Is my content relevant for the audience concerned?
  2. Is my content fresh up to date and valid?
  3. Is my content of enough interest or value to be shared?
  4. Is my content a solution to an issue that your customers may have?
  5. Is my content going to attract an audience that is right for your business?