June 3, 2015 Curve Admin

An important LinkedIn mistake to avoid

You’ve done all the hard work of making LinkedIn connections.

Do not fall into the trap of spamming all of your connections with changes to your profile – this has been assessed as the main reason connections break down via LinkedIn.

You may decide because you have a new hairstyle or combing your parting the other way that it’s a good time for a new profile picture or subsequently want to re-phrase your job description, to include more skills that you currently do. LinkedIn has a nasty habit of informing all your contacts that you have made a change to your profile and in most instances no matter what the change to your profile is, it presumes that you have a new job when you don’t!

This can be really embarrassing and in truth not look very professional.

So how can you over come this? Very simple, but most people do not do it.

Go to your profile page > Edit profile page > on the right hand side bar is a simple drop down tab….

It is that simple and saves you unnecessary embarrassment.