February 27, 2014 Curve Admin

30 Days of Free Marketing Advice


Last year we at Curve Interactive decided it would be a good idea to offer free digital marketing advice to local businesses every day for 30 days in what we coined our #30DayChallenge.

The local community of Tunbridge Wells seemed to think it was a good idea too with over 15 businesses signing-up for free marketing advice. Come the end of our last #30DayChallenge we had offered bespoke advice on everything from Email Marketing to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Due to the huge success of last years advice this March we are going to be rolling out the same offer with a particular focus on Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the art of improving the position of a website in the search engine results pages with the aim to increase website traffic and bottom line sales.

Did you know over 70% of people use the internet when they are looking to buy a product locally?

Making sure your business ranks on the first page of Google is vital for the continued success of your business. Do you know anyone who still uses the Yellow Pages?

We want to help every business in Tunbridge Wells learn the basics of SEO and understand the importance it can play in the growth of your business.

At Curve Interactive we always seeks to over-deliver and provide real value. If you would like us to visit your business get in contact with us today via twitter:@curveinteractiv, email: graham@curve-interactive.com or phone; 01892 549556