November 3, 2012 Curve Admin

The AA – social media

Why do we feel the AA have the right approach?

The AA has hit the right note with their approach to social media. They have a very clear balance between selling their product and keeping their audiences interested, with opportunities to actively participate.

So what are The AA doing right?

First and foremost they are accessible on every social media platform, as their customer base is varied so is their approach to social media. This gives them a cutting edge to reach the diverse needs of their customers.

Their interactions over the Internet are consistent without being annoying. They keep their updates short with lots of video or photos. A study by Buddy Media states that posts with 80 characters or fewer receive a 27% higher engagement. Posts that include a photo album, picture, or video generate 180%, 120% and 100% more engagement respectively (2014, A, McCarthy, 500 Social Media Marketing Tips). The AA actively use these techniques on a regular basis.

The AA shows a personal side to their business, they include their followers/friends in discussions and regularly acknowledge them by a like or re-tweeting.

What can other businesses learn from the AA?

As an AA follower they keep us engaged with their posts in a useful and exciting way, where we’re keen to participate and not feel pressured to buy more AA products, but know where they are should we need one.